In times like these the safety & well being of your family needs to be at the forefront of your mind. As businesses & the economy pushes to reopen, we’re going to discuss the questions you need to ask your dental office before scheduling your visit!

Question #1: What are you doing to prevent the spread of Covid-19


This question is extremely important. As a health care provider dental practices have a responsibility & obligation to exceed the CDC’S guidelines. Here as Smile Max 365 we’ve upgraded our already rigid sterilization standards to virtually eliminate the possibility of disease transmission to you and our outstanding team. We’ve invested in Bio-fogging, state of the art sanitation technology that completely sanitizes surfaces.


Question #2: Are you temperature testing staff & patients?


Temperature testing is the 1st line of defense when it comes to diagnosing if someone has symptoms of Covid-19. Do you want to risk being in a facility where a patient or staff member has a temperature of 100 degrees? On a daily basis we test both staff members and patients prior to being seen or put to work. The safety of our patients & staff is our top priority.


Making sure your health care provider is being diligent when it comes to your safety is a must. Just a few discovery questions like the ones listed above will provide you with enough information to determine if the practice is safe.

Smile Max 365 has exceeded the CDC guidelines to make your next dental visit as safe & sterile as possible. Click here to schedule your free teeth cleaning