Imagine what it would be like to have naturally radiant white teeth for your entire life.

Wouldn’t it feel so amazing to wake up every morning feeling confident about your smile?

And just think about how many compliments you’d receive or how much younger your brilliant pearly whites would make you look.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Yet unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how well you take care of your teeth. Eventually, they are going to begin to yellow, and there’s nothing you can do to avoid it.

Why does this happen? The simple answer is aging.

As you get older, the enamel on your teeth begins to thin.

Once your enamel thins, it becomes easier to see the natural dentin–a yellow/brown material that resides inside your teeth.

Aside from natural enamel thinning, if you’re a coffee or tea drinker, smoke cigarettes, or don’t brush your teeth regularly, you’re bound to end up with surface stains on your teeth’s enamel shell.

Clearly, there are a lot of factors that work against us keeping our teeth pearly white.

But, here’s the good news…

Due to the desire to have a clean and pristine looking smile, teeth whitening treatments are available at nearly every dental practice across the country.

That being said, not all teeth whitening treatments are equal in both effectiveness and safety.

This blue light then penetrates deep into the teeth and activates the whitening formula–a gel that comes with the NUYU whitening kit–to its optimal potency, which removes stains and whitens teeth.

So, what type of whitening treatment should you try out?

Keep reading to learn a little bit more about the history of teeth whitening and what treatment I recommend as a licensed dental professional.

The History of Teeth Whitening

Believe it or not, the practice of teeth whitening began around 4,000 years ago in the ancient Egyptian culture.

White teeth were seen as a sign of wealth and beauty. This led the Egyptians to concoct a mixture of pumice stones and vinegar, which were rubbed on teeth to make them white.

Flash forward to ancient Roman times, and a new, much less desirable, way to whiten teeth was born. Unfortunately, for this ancient culture, their only teeth whitening method was brushing urine on their teeth.

It’s sounds awful, but the ammonia found in urine is an incredible bleaching agent.

A few hundred years later, the 80s brought us big hair…the Atari…Madonna…and a brand-new method of whitening teeth–thank goodness!

And it all happened by accident.

During this decade, dentists stumbled upon one of the earlier teeth whitening techniques by accident.

According Jean Arthur, a restorative and cosmetic dentist, here’s how it happened…

“Peroxide had been used as an oral antiseptic gel to treat the gums; dentists tried different ways to keep the gel on the gums longer. It became quickly apparent that a side effect of that treatment was that it whitened the teeth.”

Not a bad mistake to make as a dental professional!

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

There is a lot of controversy as to whether teeth whitening is safe or not. And a lot of this controversy stems from teeth whitening practices that were used decades ago.

When teeth whitening first became popular, dentists were using harsh bleaching agents to whiten teeth quickly.

At first, these methods seemed safe. But over time, it was discovered that the harsh chemicals used to bleach teeth were destroying patients’ enamel.

Destroyed enamel led to sensitive teeth and tooth decay. Not good!

It sounds bad (and it certainly was), but I don’t want to turn you off from teeth whitening.

In fact, I often recommend that patients receive teeth whitening treatments if they are feeling self-conscious about their smiles because the majority of today’s teeth whitening practices are safe and effective.

At our office, we use NUYU whitening treatments–one of the safest teeth whitening products on the market.

We love it because this treatment is safe, effective, and affordable.

What is NUYU Teeth Whitening and how does it work? Let me explain…

How NUYU Teeth Whitening Works

The NUYU Teeth Whitening treatment uses a patented mouth tray in combination with a Whitening Accelerator light to whiten teeth.

Using this advanced light technology is one of the safest ways to whiten teeth.

This blue light penetrates deep into the teeth and activates the whitening formula–a gel that comes with the NUYU whitening kit–to its optimal potency, which removes stains and whitens teeth.

The gel in this kit is effective, yet gentle and safe for teeth. I promise, it doesn’t contain any ingredients that will destroy your enamel.

The entire teeth whitening process only takes 30 painless minutes, and when it’s done, you will be left with a beautiful, healthy, white smile.

Whiten Your Teeth with a Trusted Professional Today

Getting your teeth whitened in a dental office is always a safer choice than using over-the-counter whitening products.

If you’re looking to get your teeth whitened, I invite you to give my office a call at (602) 714-7232 to set up an appointment.

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